SPY × FAMILY Episode 1: Review/Recap

Spy x Family is without any doubt one of the most awaited series of this year. 

Synopsis: The anime follows the storyline of Tatsuya Endo’s manga which has the same title. It will showcase how Twilight, a well-known spy who never fails to complete his missions, is given an ultimate assignment- to get married and have kids. Things start to look blue, however, he decides to have a pretend marriage with Thorn Princess and adopt an orphan named Anya. They then go by the alias of Loid Forger and Yor Forger. It will not take long for viewers to fall in love with this show, as fake dating/marriage/family is one of the favorite troupes that the majority of the audience enjoys. Though Loid acts as a cool, heartless spy, he has a soft corner for his ‘fake’ family. And it’s the same with Yor! And it’s especially more when someone causes Anya to feel distressed.

Recap of Episode 1:

Episode 1 starts with the introduction of Twilight as a spy with 100 faces. He is someone capable of handling any case. He was entrusted with a new case in which he now has to form a family, as he can meet his target only during the target’s child’s school event. Twilight is tasked with creating a family, consisting of a wife and a child within a week. Twilight undertakes the alias of Loid Forger. He goes to an orphanage, wherein he meets Anya. He is impressed with her intellect, however, he doesn’t know that she has ESP, through which she can hear the thoughts of others.

Loid bonds with Anya and tells her that she has to prepare for an exam if she wants to live with him. When she refuses, they have a small hide-and-seek game, after which Loid locks Anya inside their house and goes out. Anya enters a locked room of Loid that is filled with his spy equipment. She uses a transmitter and uses it to give out signals. The signal is picked up by one of Loid’s enemies, who then infiltrate their house and kidnaps Anya. Upon his return, Loid finds the house to be suspiciously silent. He fights the hidden goons and looks for Anya, however, he is hit on his head from behind.

The kidnapper keeps hold of Anya and then a van arrives with one of his goons and Loid. However, it turns out that using his skills, Loid had disguised himself as the goon. He takes Anya away and tells her to run towards the nearby police station. He is then reminded that the reason he became a spy was to keep the smiles of children safe. He fights the kidnappers and tells them to stay away from him and his close ones. He then leaves the building, only to find Anya waiting for him. Loid is touched by Anya’s actions and takes her back home.

They both prepare for the exam together. Anya attempts and passes the exam with her own hard work. After the results are announced, Loid faints due to exhaustion. While they are in their house, mail arrives. Anya takes the mail and tries to wake Loid up. However, when he doesn’t wake up, she snuggles close to him. Loid wakes up suddenly and then reads the mail. It turns out that for the first meeting, Anya has to come with both her parents. However, there is a huge question: Who will be the mother?

Author’s Opinion

My heart is filled with fluff after this episode! Their bond, OH MY GOD. Anya is just so cute. Loid tries to act like a Kuudere, but he is a total softie for Anya. Anya calling him ‘ch-chi’ and then her saying ‘Dad is a liar but he is a cool liar’ melted my heart. This episode was more of a healing episode than an introduction episode. And the animation: chef’s kiss. It is so detailed and smooth. Overall, this was a great start! I can’t wait for Yor and all the cute chaos that is going to come along with her!


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