Cutie Pie EP.8 Recap/Review



Cutie Pie is a Thai BL (Boys Love) series released on Mandee YouTube Channel. The story is about 2 guys Kuea Keerati (Nunew) and Hia Lian (Zee) who were arranged to get married in their childhood. Kuea Keerati has been in love with Hia Lian for a long time, But because Lian never showed any affection toward him he broke off their engagement. This made Lian win him over as he has always secretly loved him.


Recap Of Episode 7

Kuea starts seeing Lian another side where he finds a totally different character. Lian takes Kuea on many dates like on the circuit where he used to drive his bike to get groceries for them. Surprisingly Lian takes Kuea to his Bar club ‘Pentagon’ where they have their first kiss in front of the people.



Episode 8 Review

Lian and Kuea are back at their house continuing the kiss and going further than that. Lian is restless as this is the first time they have gone this far. kissing throughout the house they get to the sofa at that time Kuea suddenly stops as he remembers that night when he thought he kissed a random guy he met in the club was actually Lian himself. Lian said he just wanted Kuea to live with him that’s why he never told him the truth of that night. Annabella clears all the doubts Kuea had for Lian and Lian proposes to Kuea.


What’s funny is that when Kuea asked why he suddenly changed and wanted to get married his answer was his cuteness. Honey the name of the drama is Cutie Pie so I get it and Kuea (Nunew) is cute. Here it goes they have the first sex on the night Kuea is drunk is what I was just going to write also that Kuea to not regret this as he is drunk. But Lian asks him if he knows what they are going to do and if he is drunk. Beautifully enough Mandee actually showed them having sex I think this is the 2 dramas I have seen this open to show them having sex after History.


Diao is surprised in the morning to see Hia Yi in the house Daio runs outside of the house with his bag because he is too embarrassed to meet Hia Yi eyes as he stole a kiss from him. Diao is still thinking Hia Yi’s actions and what was the reason behind his kissing. Hia Yi says agrees that they will stay together and takes Diao on a date but Diao is still confused about Hia Yi’s feelings towards him. Eventually, Diao gets angry as Yi never tells him the truth behind him behaving like this. Our third couple Syn and Nuer getting closers as Syn is not irritated by him anymore. Syn was so into getting into Nuer’s attention that he got popped on by a crow he showers because of this and Nuer smells him. I think I have thing for people trying to smell their love interest.


Kuea and Lian the happy couple after sex get up in the morning while giving each other neverending remnants of last night I think the morning sex and I LOVE YOU is the best result of the outcome. Kuea is still in the dreamland of thinking if this is all real or if Lian is deceiving him. Lian secreator talks about the deeds that got under Lian name and mentions Kuea’s house deed is not in this, Lian says he wants Kuea’s house under Kuea name. Lian gets a call from someone and talks about all Kuea’s family properties are under his name now and Kuea doesn’t have a clue about this.


Diao & Kuea call each other for each other’s advice in their difficult situation. Diao confirms Kuea as he is worried that Lian would not love him if he find out about his true self. Dioa talks about his worries that Hia Yi kissed him suddenly and didn’t say anything after that. Kuea advises him to stay at his secret house for the time until he feels okay. Same as these both Hia Yi & Lian meet each other to talk about their worries. Lian advises Hia Yi to stop making excuses and confess his love to Diao.

Kuea and Lian get cozy as Kuea makes a romantic environment for them. Lian feels happy as there is someone waiting for him at home. The last scene ends with them kissing is this how things are going to happen. Happy noises.


Preview Of Episode 9

Kuea tries to cook breakfast for Lian. Lian finds Kuea’s dedication to cooking for him as he doesn’t know how to be cute. Diao starts avoiding Hia Yi because of the fight they had. Lian’s secretor gives Lian the filling form of Kuea’s family property bankrupted and seizing files and advises Lian to tell Kuea about this.


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