Star and Sky: Star In My Mind EP.1 Review

  • AIR DAY: Friday
  • AIRED: April 2022


Daonuea has been in love with Kluen since middle school. He shifts to Germany for further studies after a few years he is back in Thailand for university studies and gets into Fine and Appiled Arts. He meets his first love again after a year, Kluen in the first meeting of the departments. Still not over his first love Dao gets his feelings mixed but doesn’t know Kluen’s secret.



Episode 1 Review

Dao visits his crush for the first and the last time before going to Germany to study. Kluen has been Daonuea’s crush since middle school. He never had the courage to confess his love for him but he gathered all his courage and confessed his love. Funny fact Dao thinks that Kluen is in a relationship with his girlfriend Gia since middle school. 


After a few years, Dao is back in Thailand for university studies and gets into Fine and Applied Arts. He is late for the Freshy Boy & Girl Talent Show meeting when he reaches the hall he is the student to see his middle school crush Kluen setting in the hall. Being embarrassed by his past confession of love he says he doesn’t know who Kluen is when asked if they know each other since they studied in the same school. Kluen is a Dentist student and Dao remembers everything about him from his breakfast meal to his basketball jersey number.


After the meeting, Dao goes to see his dorm room where his friend’s predictions come true of Kluen being his roommate. Dao casually asked Kluen how he has been but he answered we know each other now? Whenever Dao friends ask about him and Kluen he says it was just a puppy love which was a very time ago but gets reminded that it was just a year ago when he confessed his love to Kluen.


Kluens actions get changed once he sees Dao in the university. Jokingly says he was confessed by someone in middle school, he didn’t go with his friends as planned but stayed behind as Dao was alone in their dorm room, accuses Dao of copying his promotion video answers and many things which are still confusing as we are just in the first episode of the drama.


The last part was the worst because we all know that the truth bomb confession of Dao confidently saying he still is in love with Kluen and Kluen happily saying he also loves him is something we cannot get in the first episode. 


Preview Of Episode 2

Kluen tells everyone that Dao talks in his sleep when he was going to say what he says in his sleep Dao stops him as he is embarrassed to know. Kluen asks Dao to help him find a gift for his mother’s birthday as a present Dao agrees to draw him a picture of her. Dao and Kluen become the hottest ship of the year in the university but when his friends talk about it unknowingly to Kluens feelings Dao says he feels uncomfortable to listen people talk about it.


You can watch the trailer down below:


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