D-Gray Man On The Cover Of Jump Sq Rise!


“D.Gray-man” is a well-known Japanese action-adventure mythological manga series written by Hoshino Katsura. It was published on the 31st of May, 2004, and has been serialized under Jump SQ Rise.

PLOT: There were those endowed with Divine power centuries and centuries ago. Their task: to decimate the foreboding horrors renowned as “Akuma” that linger in the shadows. Akuma, prompted by the Millennium Earl, wants to destroy remnants of “Innocence,” the one and only weapons competent of injuring the Earl as well as his army & causing the Great Flood of a century ago.


The Black Order was established as an organization aimed at fighting the Earl in order to avoid this disaster from occurring. They hire Exorcists, those born with the capacity to accommodate Innocence, to attack the Akuma.

D-Gray man color image will be on the cover of the upcoming Jump Sq Rise issue Spring 2022 set to release on April 28.


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