Cutie Pie EP.7 Recap/Review



Cutie Pie is a Thai BL (Boys Love) series released on Mandee YouTube Channel. The story is about 2 guys Kuea Keerati (Nunew) and Hia Lian (Zee) who were arranged to get married in their childhood. Kuea Keerati has been in love with Hia Lian for a long time, But because Lian never showed any affection toward him he broke off their engagement. This made Lian win him over as he has always secretly loved him.


Recap Of Episode 6

From behind the scenes of Hia Lian in the drama, we get to the truth that Hia Lian actually loves Kuea. We can see something is going on between his family and Kuea’s family as Keerati mansion, that is, Kuea’s house is mentioned. Daio asked Hia Yi’s time when asked what he wanted from him made us all think about what was actually going on between them. But it cleared up when Hia Yi got drunk and Hia Lian brought him home and told him that Daio lost all his memories because of him. Hia Lian takes Kuea on a date where they actually have a good conversation. The last scene we saw was the main part of the series where Hia Lian and Kuea kiss. 



Episode 7 Review

In this episode, the last scene was their kissing is continued. Well, it got more than just kissing, Hia Lian starts kissing Kuea’s neck but what got us more streamer was when Hia Lian started undressing Kuea. Hia Lian continued his kisses from Kuea’s neck to his shoulders. Surprisingly Kuea made a huge turn as he also started undressing Hia Lian. The rice cooker alarm is turned on which made Kuea come back to reality, but Hia Lian didn’t stop and got frustrated. The scene ends with them having breakfast and Hia Lian teasing Kuea. Hia Lian gets himself a sports car to bring Kuea’s real identity in front of him since Kuea likes cars and got himself into an engineering major which Hia Lian doesn’t know according to Kuea. While going on the drive in the sports car Hia Lian asks Kuea where he wants to go and also calls him cute which is a very big thing to Kuea as Hia Lian never expresses his love for Kuea. While deciding where to go the conversation leads them to talk about their true identity, which they both argue to reveal. Our second couple Hia Yi and Diao, Hia Yi wakes up from the hangover at Diao’s house. Diao asks if Hia Yi got drunk because he asks him to stay with him in his house. Hia Yi tried to calm Diao by telling him it was not because of him that he got drunk. By asking him if he’s lonely Hia Lian kisses Diao which gets more streamy as Dian grabs Hia Yi’s butt, Yi’s mind goes blank and he took off him giving excuses about going to work. Coming back to Hia Lian and Kuea’s date at the drive, Kuea goes crazy as he drives the sports car, for a time being he forgets his acting. Kuea thinks it’s fine to show some of himself as it’s been a long time since he felt happiness. Kuea is shocked when he sees Hia Lian dancing in his pink underwear in changing room, both are revealing their true nature. When it’s Kuea’s turn to take Hia Lian on a date instead of something fancy he takes Hia Lian to a supermarket to buy groceries as there is nothing edible at his house as per Kuea. Hia lian gets a call from Hia Yi where they talk about showing Kuea his bar, Hia Yi asks if Kuea told him everything. We can confirm we do have a Third couple in the drama, Syn is doing his homework at the university, and Nuer arrives over there for some reason they crash while looking at the laptop at the same time. They both cleared the misunderstanding as they talked openly about how they felt about each other’s mistakes. 


Hia Lian takes Kuea to his club ‘The Pentagon’ where his friends tease him for showing his cute finance. One of his friends raised the question of them getting married as they are both boys and there is no law for them to get married, the other guy couple argued why should it be enough to just love between boys when both girl and boy can get married. As they are talking Hia Lian and Hia Yi gets to the wine room where Hia Yi asks what he is doing by bringing Kuea to the club. Hia Lian tells him that if he wants Kuea to reveal his real identity he should do the same. While they both were talking in the wine room, Hia Lian’s friend told Kuea about their time at the university where Hia Lian was actually the leader of their cheerleading squad. As slowly everyone is getting drunk Hia Lian asks Kuea why he wants to end their engagement Kuea says he doesn’t love Kuea so why should they get married. His Lian denies he ever said of him not liking Kuea, suddenly Kuea starts kissing Hia Lian in front of everyone at the table after hearing his words.


Writer’s Thoughts

What we can see Hia Lian trying Kuea to reveal his true nature in front of him by taking him for a drive in the same place where he use to drive his bike or making him reveal that he likes sports cars and Kuea is actually falling at his tricks like when he posted a photo of their date at the drive and captioning it as their first real date. Even tho Kuea knows what he is trying to do he doesn’t care at this point. Their relationship is definitely getting towards the next step. As I predicted Syn and Nuer will be the third couple in this drama, it’s good that the story is getting more heated than usual. All three couples have different situations to face in their life soon everything will be already and we will only get the sweet scenes. Even after all this, the physical interaction is still awkward for me. Our second couple Hia Yi starts kissing Diao when he asks if he is lonely, even tho the situation is okay for them to kiss as it makes sense for him to kiss Dios because he is lonely but where does their relationship take them after this scene?


Preview Of Episode 8

Kuea is sleeping next to Hia Lian after their date at the club last night. Kuea is happy that their relationship is getting to where he always wanted to but is concerned if he is telling the truth about him actually loving Kuea. Kuea is also scared that if Hia Lian loves him what he should do as they were eventually going to get married. We finally get to know Hia Lian’s secret of him taking over Keerati’s family (Kuea’s family name) land deeds and other properties.

You can watch the trailer down below:


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