Twice Nayeon’s Solo Debut?


Twice is a popular South Korean girl comprising of nine members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Twice debuted in 2015 with the EP The Story Begins under JYP Entertainment, after being established as a result of the survival program Sixteen. Nayeon is one of the members who is the center and the face of the group.


JYP Entertainment registered 1st mini-album on the site koreannet. Korean net website was the website where all the Red Velvet fans got the information about queendom mini and also Taeyeon’s 3rd album. Considering there is no one in JYP Entertainment named NA all the Twice fans are speculating that this mini-album might be named under Nayeon since her name starts with NA. Why NA is the main speculation is because this is how the website mentions the registrations using the first character of their hangul names.


Nayeon will be the first member to have a solo debut. Hearing the rumors about her solo debut, Weibo one of the hot site in china made Nayeon trending topic today. If the rumors are true we hope we can see Nayeon’s solo debut soon.


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