Jungkook Talking To ARMY’s On Instagram ‘Ask Me Anything’


BTS is a popular South Korean Boyband consisting of seven members Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook debuted under BigHit Entertainment. On 30 March Jeon Jungkook did a Question Answer on Instagram.

Jungkook: Netflix recommendations letgo

ARMY: Bridgerton!

Jungkook: Watched it

ARMY: Are you not appearing/going to be on a drama?

Jungkook: Does it seem like/do you think I’ll be good at acting

ARMY: I really recommend our beloved summer!!

Jungkook: Watched Watched Watched It

ARMY: Inventing anna

Jungkook: Checked/Noted

ARMY: Nevertheless

Jungkook: I knew about it but I couldn’t watch it but I should watch it now

ARMY: I really recommend Alice in borderland!! It’s so fun

Jungkook: Watched it

ARMY: The Uncanny Counter

Jungkook: Waaaaaatched it

ARMY: Stranger

Jungkook: Okie


ARMY: Watch all videos

Jungkook: Then when do I work

ARMY: The End of the F***ing World

Jungkook: This Damn Corona

ARMY: The Adam Project

Jungkook: Okkkkkk

ARMY: JK I don’t use Netflix

Jungkook: It’s okay

ARMY: My Name

Jungkook: Is JK

ARMY: Moral Sense

Jungkook: Already saw it

ARMY: Jungkookah, I’m eating kaguri (curry naguri ramyun) right now you’re jealous right?

Jungkook: Where are you?

ARMY: Sponge Bob

Jungkook: It’s fun heh

ARMY: Money Heist

Jungkook: Going to watch again


ARMY: Oppa, if you watch House of ARMY, you acted so well, so why isn’t Oppa coming out in drama?

Jungkook: That’s true, director would you use me one moretime?

ARMY: Don’t look up

Jungkook: I have seen it

ARMY: Znation

Jungkook: I got it!

ARMY: Goblin

Jungkook: ah my throat hurts ( while singing the OST of the drama ‘Beautiful’ )

ARMY: I want to kidnap Jimin, can I kidnap him?

Jungkook: Ofcourse

Jungkook: Now what should I do? Anyone who has something they’re curious about?

ARMY: Jungkookie, do you want to try fensing as well?

Jungkook: You think I’ll do well, right? I feel confident

ARMY: I can’t understand 😦 but please eat health. We love you!!

Jungkook: Ok, thank you. Don’t worry. OK!

ARMY: (writes Korean tongue twister)

Jungkook: heh (reads the tongue twiser)


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