Cutie Pie EP.6 Recap/Review



Cutie Pie is a Thai BL (Boys Love) series released on Mandee YouTube Channel. The story is about 2 guys Kuea Keerati (Nunew) and Hia Lian (Zee) who were arranged to get married in their childhood. Kuea Keerati has been in love with Hia Lian for a long time, But because Lian never showed any affection toward him he broke off their engagement. This made Lian win him over as he has always secretly loved him.


Recap Of Episode 5

As Hia is trying to pull all the strings to get them together again by using the marriage card Kuea & Hia started living together. The most surprising thing was when Hia suggested using handcuffs as Kuea said he moves a lot when he sleeps. We haven’t seen any scene like this in any other Thai BL. As for Hia saying “mi casa es su casa but not my office” and then giving his first surprise to Kuea with a kiss on his cheeks before leaving the house is too much for Kuea to handle. While Hia was gone for work Kuea thinks that everything in the house is a trap for him. This is the moment when Hia starts feeling love for Kuea. The funniest scene was when Kuea imagines Hia as a vampire because he never knew what he did other than work. We can see a few scenes of the second couple but we still don’t know what’s their back story.



Episode 6 Review

The episodes continue where our savior Nuer appears and gives his jacket to Kuea. We can see the spark between Nuer & Syn as one try to get on the good side of Kuea and the other one tries to get between them. Nuer tries to get close to Kuea but fails as his friend becomes his true savior. “Do I have to like everyone who approaches me?” that’s what Kuea says to Syn when asked about Nuer liking him. When the classes are over Hia comes to pick Kuea which made him frustrated because Hia doesn’t know his actual major. Like I told you guys in the Recap Hia is definitely falling for him because when Hia enters his office he just can’t stop thinking about Kuea. We can see something is going on between his family and Kuea’s family as Keerati mansion, that is, Kuea’s house is mentioned. We still don’t know what actually happened to Hia Lian’s family business. In this episode, we get to see the second couple more and their pieces where we can actually picture what’s going on between them. Daio asked Hia Yi’s time when asked what he wanted from him made us all think about what was actually going on between them. But it cleared up when Hia Yi got drunk and Hia Lian brought him home and told him that Daio lost all his memories because of him. Hia Lian releases Kuea is alone in his bedroom so he goes to see what he is doing, “I’ll be back soon, don’t go to bed just yet. I should chain you up, Be a good boy. Because I am a vampire and I never sleep,” those were the lines said by our Hia Lian. Hia Lian plans a date so they can get close to each other. On the date, Hia Lian asked Kuea if he doesn’t like anything he can let him know. This is the first time they actually had a conversation to talk about their feelings or even to understand each other. After the date, we can see Hia is trying to accomplish something and that is to win Kuea over, the scenes are getting cozy and warmer. The next morning Kuea wakes up and see’s Hia Lian cooking something for them. Kuea offers his help but messed it up by trying to cut an egg with a knife. The scene gets streamy as Hia Lian started kissing Kuea to comfort him when he got upset that he cannot do anything to help Hia Lian. Kuea also tries to take the lead and the episode is over. Why?


Writer’s Thoughts

I think I am still getting used to “raikantopeni”. But Cutie pie has been exceeding our thoughts from the usual plot of Thai BL from the same-sex marriage of their grandparents to them getting engaged and their friend’s being cool about it. I am still confused about what exactly is naughtiness considered in Thai BL. BTW is OST in Thai BL’s getting upgraded?? I still can’t believe this is Nunew’s first drama! It feels like he is born to act.

Now let’s talk about the episode, Nuer giving his jacket to Kuer feels the scene was unnecessary but it was needed to know more from his perspective and they should get some screen time as well. I am still thinking about Foei’s dance (Hia Lian’s secretary). There is a line that I liked in this episode I even mentioned this in the review, the line I’m talking about is “Do I have to like everyone who approaches me?” This line needs to be highlighted so everyone can hear. But Syn’s concerns actually made me think if he likes Kuea. One thing which was too awkward for me was when they started kissing randomly. I mean Kuea was crying because he can’t cut an egg and that made Hia Lian kiss him? The timing for them to get close to each other by getting physical, the scene mixed with this was totally off for me but the kiss was good. Hehhee.


Preview Of Episode 7

We can see Hia is trying his best to get to know Kuea. Hia Lian brings Kuea to the same spot where he usually drives his bike for a date. Our second couple Daio & Hia Yi gets into a small fight because Daio asks him to come back home. Hia starts to take Kuea everywhere he goes as he wants Kuea to know everything about him so they both can create their own world.

You can watch the trailer down below:


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