Winner’s Song Mino Reveals He Is Struggling With Mental Illness

Song Min-ho, a.k.a. Mino, is a well-known South Korean rapper and producer. Following a two-year stay in the ballad group BoM from 2011 to 2013, he joined YG Entertainment, which led to his debut in 2014 with the boy band Winner, created through Mnet’s survival show WIN: Who Is Next. Along with labelmate Bobby, he is a member of the hip hop duo MOBB, which was created in September 2016.


Mino disclosed that he began having severe panic attacks in 2017 and was later diagnosed with panic disorder and bipolar illness, for which he has been seeking therapy ever since. During one season of New Journey to the West, he experienced depression.  “After the day’s filming was done, I would hide in vacant rooms and cry by myself. Offscreen, it seemed like my life was a tragedy. Being alone at home was quite difficult.”

 “I receive so much love and support from fans, and I have my group members, friends, and coworkers all around me, and all I have to do is feel joyful, and I don’t see why I can’t. People, I believe, will be unable to relate.” He was worried that others would think he was taking his good fortune and success for granted.


 Mino also discussed his lack of a support system, adding “I don’t believe I can rely on my family. I started to feel responsible for them at some point. They’re quite important to me, but they don’t feel like a haven where I can let go.” He also mentioned that his father was in long-term hospitalization for severe health concerns, and he said that he felt both compassion for his father and contempt for his father’s bad health decisions.

 Mino was also seen being noticeably disconnected from the other members when they were in the dressing room, always gazing at his phone, refusing to dine with them, and scarcely speaking to them.

Dr Oh remarked after noticing “Mino is putting in a lot of effort, but he’s having trouble. He doesn’t despise the other members; he’s just having a hard time on his lonesome. He appears to be keeping his distance to conserve his energies.” She suggested that others would be able to misread his attitude if there was no clear communication. She also lauded the members’ intuition to respect one another’s limits and give one another space.


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