The Beloved Little Princess Season 3 Released Today!

The Beloved Little Princess (The Youngest Princess) is a comedy fantasy manhwa serialised under Tappy Toon.


PLOT: The birth of Princess Enisha represents the start of the Hyperion Empire’s messianic rule. Life is fantastic for the baby princess, who has an unthinkably cute face as well as an unending supply of loyal servants. There’s also the minor matter of her 2 psychotic killer brothers as well as a war-hungry father someone that she should prevent from bringing the empire to its knees. Enisha seems to have a bunch on her tray, what with the steady influx of hitmen attempting to kill her and those troublesome flashbacks of her previous life. But she has no plans to go back to her former role as a strong high magician of a magical land. And besides, being Hyperion’s only hope does have its aristocratic benefits. That’s not easily becoming the empire’s favourite princess, however, these subjects would have to put up with it.


The season 3 of this amazing manhwa will start today. Are you looking forward to it? Stay tuned for more!


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