Great Miss D- Episode 12 Stills!

Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐 / Liao Bu Qi De D Xiao Jie) is a Chinese drama starring Zhang Jingyi and Niu Jun Feng. It will have 12 episodes that will air every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It will premiere from March 18, 2022, to March 27, 2022. The duration of every episode will be 45 minutes and it will be streamed by iQiyi.

The story takes place in historical times and highlights the efforts of women during the liberation, particularly in terms of economics.


Different factions battled in the tempest in Shanghai in the 1930s, and the culture was in disarray. Ding Yiqing, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy Ningbo entrepreneur, traveled to Shanghai on her own and encountered Communist undercover activists Dong Hongyu, Lin Mosheng, Du Ying, and many others. In 1938, they witnessed the start of the War of Rebellion over Japan. After the Pacific War ended in 1942, they worked on numerous jobs for the movement, allowing their youthful zeal to blaze brightly as they aspire to their ideal future.

New stills of the 12th episode of Great Miss D will air tomorrow. Here are some stills of the episode. Are you looking forward to the next episode?


Stay tuned for more!


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