Raise WA Tanin Ga Ii Vol. 7 Announced!

Raise wa tanin ga ii (来世は他人がいい) is a Yakuza Romance manga written and illustrated by Asuka Konishi. It was published on the 25th of August, 2017 by afternoon. Raise wa Tanin ga Ii shows Yoshino or her fresh start in Tokyo, which is full of problems related to the underworld. Despite her desire to be as far away from the Yakuza as doable, Yoshino is not unfamiliar with the community of the Yakuza.


Yoshino Somei would’ve been a regular high school student if she wouldn’t be the grandchild of the ruler of the Osaka-based Somei Group, the Kansai region’s largest yakuza organisation. Yoshino rushes back to the house one day over having heard about the uniting of Kansai and Kanto’s two largest cartels, the Somei and Miyama groups. As per the editorial, it will lead upon a marriage between the leaders’ grandkids, one of whom is Yoshino! Amidst her best attempts, Yoshino is forced to travel to Tokyo to see her fiancé, Kirishima Miyama, who is surprisingly nice and enchanting.

Yoshino is flowed up in different occurrences on their first meeting and has become unable to deny relocating to Tokyo, hence why she presently lives with the Miyama group half a year later. At school, she quickly realises that Kirishima is very prevalent, and her relationship with him earns the ire of his female fans, resulting in harassment. To complicate things nastier, Kirishima is the polar opposite of her knight in shining armour, having been born to become a yakuza member.

Raise wa Tanin Ga Ii is recommended by Moto Hagio (Poe no Ichizoku), who is also known as the mother of shoujo mangas! It has been declared that the 7th Volume of Raise wa tanin ga ii will come out this Fall. The release is coming out after almost a year. (There were side stories released in between, but nothing about the main story).

Are you excited about this manga? Have you caught up with all the recent chapters? Let us know in the comments below!


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