Mamamoo Moonbyul Agrees She, Sanha From Astro & Soobin From TXT Looks Same

Moonbyul from Mamamoo agreed with the fans that she actually looks like Sanha From Astro, Soobin From TXT, and Minhyuk BTOB. On the radio when Moonbyul was promoting her album the host asked Moonbyul whether she knows that fans think she and the other idols mentioned look like they are alike.


🗣Host: people often say that moonbyul, btob’s minhyuk, txt’s soobin, and astro’s sanha look like siblings!

🗣Moonbyul: that’s right, I saw a post about this on SNS too

🗣Moonbyul: I do think we look a little alike in real life but when I saw the pictures, I was like “oh, do we really??”

👤Moonbyul: right! because in real life, it’s like “okay maybe” but when you look at pictures like the ones of us doing similar things…

🗣 Host: the vibes are the same 

👤Moonbyul: it’s not even like “wow they look the exact same”, we look like we’re siblings

🗣Host: that’s right!!

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Featured Image By @Hkybyl_X On Twitter


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