HYBE Starts Timer to New Girl Group Release!

The company has launched an updated counter, signalling the beginning of the upcoming group’s adverts, adding to the buzz surrounding HYBE’s 1st girl group assignment. The timer, which was posted on the site of HYBE’s sublabel Source Music, drew the attention along with the striking phrase “I’M FEARLESS.”

The countdown formally started at midnight on the 25th. The timer will be turned off at midnight on the 28th after operating for a total of 72 hours.

The mainstream press took notice of HYBE’s first girl group & fans in the aftermath of Source Music’s declaration of the exclusive agreement with two adored idols. Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon, members of the legendary girl group IZ*ONE, have been set to make a comeback in HYBE’s forthcoming group.

The exclusive agreement was publicised in the United States. Nevertheless, the news was widely disseminated in Japan by mainstream media outlets, demonstrating the public’s intense supposition and curiosity.

The mysterious timer is the first authorised material for the new group, so fans’ speculation has reached new levels. Furthermore, many people wonder about the term “I’M FEARLESS,” including what content will be released after the live countdown ends.

Because this is HYBE’s 1st girl teamwork, fans are happy to see just what idea and sound the group could very well debut with. In the meantime, the members are preparing to make their debut in May, with more sales promotion to come as the date approaches.

You can check out the live countdown here.

Source: Newsis


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