V Talking To ARMY’s On Instagram ‘Ask Me Anything’

ARMY: Taehyungssii?

V: hello?

ARMY: hey hey how are you doing?

V: it’s not bad. Did you have a good dinner?

ARMY: I don’t know what to ask?

V: It’s also my first time, so it’s amusing/cool..

ARMY: Let’s see the stars tonight?

V: Look from where you are in exactly 2 hours, I’ll be watching from here

ARMY: Selfie?

V: Sorry

ARMY: Hi?? (crying emoji)

V: HI (Hello emoji)

ARMY: Emoji War

V: Emoji War

V on Weverse: It’s not that I’m not doing it on purpose, but I can’t see (the questions) because it crashed..

ARMY: Hello!!!!!


ARMY: Taehyung come to france

V: I love france (loving emoji)

ARMY: Tiger or Bear?

V: Okay Let’s end it with this one. Wow ask me anything is difficult

V: You decide- Tiger or Bear (replying to previous question)

V: Bear

Source: V’s (Kim Taehyung) Instagram


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Hello people it's been 5 years since I have been interested in K-Pop and now started writing articles about it I hope my articles make sense and if I have to describe myself I surely like to do things which are not in my league.

One thought on “V Talking To ARMY’s On Instagram ‘Ask Me Anything’

  1. I am also army In all country army wants to meet with BTS even I also and all army know that BTS has many problems are doing concert , I am really happy now that All BTS MEMBERS ARE FINE 🙂 . AND my dream is meet with BTS


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