Star and Sky: Star In My Mind Release Dates announced!

Star and Sky: Star In My Mind (Star and Sky : แล้วแต่ดาว Star in My Mind | ขั้วฟ้าของผม Sky in Your Heart) is an upcoming Thai BL drama. It portrays two love stories, and talks about the two sides of love. The series is based on the two novels แล้วแต่ดาว & ขั้วฟ้าของผม by Peachhplease

STAR: In high school, Daonuea used to have a crush on Kabkluen and finally admitted his feelings on the last day of his senior year. Kabkluen, on the other hand, politely dismissed him. Now that Daonuea has begun university, he uncovers one of his dormmates is none other than his high school infatuation, Kabkleun. What happens if you stop your feelings for somebody but they begin to love you?


Sky: A cute romance about a young doctor, Kaufah, who is positioned at a distant provincial hospital, and a voluntary teacher, Prince, who has a vibrant persona.

The series is set to air on the 8th of April, 2022. In Stars, Dunk Natachai Boonprasert will be playing the role of Daonuea and Joong Archen Aydin will be playing the role of Kabkluen. In Sky, Mek Jirakit Thawornwong will be playing the role of Kaufah and Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon will be playing the role of Prince.


You can check out the trailer below!

Official Trailer.

Are you looking forward to this series? Stay tuned for more!


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