Mnet Releases Queendom S2 EP.1 Preview


Queendom is a variety TV show by Mnet on youtube. It’s a reality TV show where K-pop girl groups compete with each other to take first place. Queendom is back with a 2 season and the new lineup consists of these groups Brave Girls, VIVIZ, HJSN, LOONA, Kep1er, Hyolyn.


Mnet K-POP YouTube channel Releases Queendom season 2 episode 1 Preview. In the preview of the upcoming episodes, you can see the girls preparing for the battle. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is the anchor of the 2 season of Queendom. In the opening she questions who is going to be the queen of this season, Shall we see?


In the preview, you can see the stage in which all the groups are going to perform. The stage is like a big Cheese Game. Brave Girls members are the first ones to enter the stage, they talk about how it’s been a long time backstage. Viviz are the next group to see their room in which they will talk about their journey. Cute quotes are written on the board in fornt of them. Next we can see Kep1er dance practise room in which they are having fun. Loona is the next group to introduce we can see they are sitting and talking about all the things as there are many members in Loona. There are too many things mentioned in the preview.

We can see sneak peek of their first performance stage. Here’s the link to the video:

Are you excited let us know your comments!


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