After 1 Year Delay, ‘Dear.M’ To Finally Broadcast!

‘Dear.M’ will finally be aired. However, it’s not where you might’ve expected it to air.

On the 24th of March, 2022; it was made known that ‘Dear.M’ will be broadcasted in Japan before South Korea! This news was conveyed after the one-year delay. The drama was delayed as one of the cast members had gotten themself involved in a controversy.

KBS has confirmed in an official statement that the drama will be airing first in Japan. As the broadcasting rights of ‘Dear.M’ have been sold to various foreign countries, Japan has taken the initiative to air the drama first. KBS hasn’t made any comments over when the drama will air in South Korea.

The drama was supposed to air in February of 2021, but it got pushed back. Nevertheless, in mid-February of the same year, Park Hye Soo’s harassment charges surfaced, as well as the debut of “Dear.M” was delayed indefinitely. KBS then revealed their plan to screen “Imitation” before “Dear.M.”

Fans filed a petition to have Park Hye Soo removed from the drama as a direct consequence of the accusations made, but a citation from KBS stated that the drama has indeed been placed on hold whilst allegations against Park Hye Soo are now being validated via police investigation. KBS will pause till a judgment is issued before changing things such as reshoots as well as more.

Actress Park Hye Soo

The problem was exacerbated for KBS because “Dear.M” was a pre-produced drama, which meant it was actually filmed before its debut. This put KBS in a tricky situation because re-shoots would indeed be costly, but they would also be hard to organize due to the actors’ accessibility to re-shoot due to their timetables.

Despite Park Hye Soo’s vigorous denial of the harassment claims leveled against her and the notion that her company is pursuing legal proceedings, the popular perception of her remained mostly negative.

Park Hye Soo, NCT Jaehyun, and others are among the stars of “Dear.M.”

Source: Naver


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