Semantic Error Actor Jaechan Gives Spoilers Of their Comeback In His Latest Vlog

Semantic Error is a Manhwa (Korean Comic) adapted into BL (Boys Love) Korean Drama where a computer science major Chu Sang Woo has to complete his project with a design major Jang Jae Young in which he decides to remove his name as he was the one who did all the work. The result came to Jae Young stalking Sang Woo.

After the popularity of the BL drama, in which Jaechan played the role of Chu Sang Woo who is also a Kpop Idol member of the group called ‘DKZ’, gave spoilers to his comeback with their members in his recent Vlog on YouTube.

From the start of his vlog he talks about his day’s schedule. Around 2 P.M he goes to buy his Cine21 and Dazed photoshoot copies in a bookstore as he could not get it online. But when he arrives at the store the store owner informs him that both magazine are sold out.

His next schedule was to practise the choreography with his members of their new song which his members gave us a spoiler that their new song is similar to their previous song ‘LUPIN’.

Here’s the link to the Vlog:


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