Happy Ohm Day- Fans Celebrate it With Enthusiasm!

Pawat Chittsawangdee is a Thai actor. He is well known for his role in popular BL series such as Making it Right, Dew, Bad Buddy and many more. Our beloved Ohm has turned 22 today!

The Instagram fan page of Ohm posted a birthday wish card. Ohm reposted it on his Instagram story. This made us all realize once again how much he cherishes his fans and loves them.

Nanon, his co-star from Bad Buddy wrote a letter for Ohm:

Birthday wish from Nanon to Ohm:
Mr. Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee, he is a dedicated and disciplined person. Since the first day I got to talk to him, I knew he is a good actor who works with determination. He is the most straightforward person I’ve known. He didn’t have so many needs, I could feel his happiness almost all the time. If I have to give him a wish, I wish there’re so many ppl who keep on loving and supporting you like this and wish you get more and more love from many ppl day by day. Whenever you face any problem, there would be me staying right here for you. We’ll have to see each other for very long time. Love you na krub❤️

Nanon Korapat

Nanon also prepared a cake for Ohm that was shaped like a dumbell as Ohm loves spending his time in the gym.

Source: Kwang Atiporn

Another fan of Ohm has gifted him a star! Yes, a STAR.

The Twitter account of the Fan who bought the star for Ohm

If you want to view the star, you can click here.

Another fan of Ohm has adopted a Cheetah under his name at the Negara Zoo of Malaysia.

The Twitter account of the Fan who adopted the Cheetah under Ohm’s name

GMMTV, the Entertainment behind the Bad Buddy series, prepared a cake for Ohm. This moment was overwhelming for all fans to see him have the time of his life!

Source: GMMTV Instagram

Once again, Happy Birthday Ohm!


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