Business Proposal Actress Kim Sejeong Tested Positive For COVID-19

Business Proposal is a Rom-Com Korean drama airing on Netflix. Kim Sejeong is the main lead in the drama. The story is a manhwa (Korean comic) adaption, where a girl goes to a blind date in the place of her friend, when she meets the date she gets surprised to found out that the blind date partner is actually her company boss. Kim Sejeong is the girl who goes on the date in the drama.

Kim Sejeong tests positive for COVID-19. The official statement from her company is as follows:

Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

Today on March 22nd, artist Kim Sejeong has tested positive for COVID-19 through PCR testing.

Kim Sejeong has tested positive for COVID-19 through rapid antigen test as a pre-emptive test and eventually received positive results via PCR testing.

Kim Sejeong is fully vaccinated, having received her 2nd COVID-19 immunization shot, and is currently in self-quarantine to focus on her recovery.

Inevitably, “Sejeong’s Sesang Diary,” which was set to take place on March 26th, has been postponed as a result of the recent turn of events. We will follow up with more detail regarding this matter through a different announcement.

We wish to apologize to all fans who had been waiting for the fan meeting and request your understanding, and we will ensure that our company prioritizes Kim Sejeong’s health and safety. We send out our sincerest apology for creating concern.



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