BL Minato Shouji Coin laundry to get a TV adaptation!

Minato Shouji Coin Laundry – Wash my Heart (みなと商事コインランドリー) is a BL manga written and illustrated by Yuzu Tsubaki and Kantsume Sawa. It inclines towards the shounen ai genre. The series also has 3 million copies in circulation for vols 1 – 3.

Plot: Akira Minato was the heir to his grandpa’s laundromat. As a result, Akira, a middle-aged former financial drone, calmly began running the well-liked coin laundry. Shintaro Katsuki, a high school student, walks into the laundromat one day. Given their age gap, they speedily had become friends. Shintaro, on the other hand, discovers that Akira is gay. “I want to mature faster so I can date Minato-san.” And this begins the cute phase of their life of understanding each other and love.

Minato Shouji fans, it’s time to dance as the manga is getting a TV live action drama adaption. The romantic comedy of a handsome high school student and the manager of Arasa, who happened to meet at an old laundromat, will heal the heart and soul of all fujoshis. Exact date and cast of the drama is yet to be announced. Once we get any updates on it, we’ll let you all know!

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