BL Koimonogatari to resume publication!

Koimonogatari (こいものがたり / Love Stories) is a Japanese Romance Drama BL manga series by Tagura Tohru. It was published on the 22nd of May, 2013 under RuTile publications.



Yuiji Hasegawa speculates his kind but silent classmate, Yamato Yoshinaga, must have feelings for his straight best mate, Kyousuke Hongou, towards the spring of their high school days. He ends up in the very same research team as Yamato, who is carrying a sleeping Kyousuke’s hand with embarrassment on his face after already being exposed.


Despite his reservations about Yamato’s homosexuality, Yuiji holds what he witnessed as a secret, thereby initiating their friendship. The two boys’ interactions with love are significantly different, but their relationship appears to strengthen as they seek to comprehend each other. However, the question is whether their relationship has the potential to grow into something much more.


The manga has resumed today in the latest Rutile issue 5/2022 with a new chapter. You can check out the English release on TOKYOPOP’s website. The manga was on hiatus since 2018 (reasons unknown).

Translation: On March 22nd, the 24th chapter of “Koimonogatari” was published in the May issue of Rutile and is now on sale. Thankfully, I was able to draw 26 pages for this edition. I’m sorry for making you wait so long, but I was finally able to resume its serialization! I appreciate your support and kindness in the future as well!

Are you reading this manga? Or have you already caught up with it? Comment down your views below!


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