Stray kids ODDINARY tops iTunes worldwide!

Stray Kids’ long-awaited 2022 comeback with mini album ODDINARY and tital song MANIAC was finally released on March 18th 2022.

According to reports, the idea behind Oddinary is that “all of us who are ordinary have odd sides.” In other words, unusual events will soon become (the new) normal.”

Shortly after its release, the album surpassed the iTunes Top Albums rankings in 53 countries, which would include the US, Germany, Brazil, Australia, as well as Japan. “ODDINARY” also surpassed the Hanteo Chart’s daily music charts and the Gaon Chart’s daily sales album chart for the weeks of March 18 and 19.

Stray Kids’ title song “MANIAC” furthermore topped iTunes Top Songs charts in 35 countries so far since March 19, namely Mexico, Singapore, Chile, and many others. The title track also topped Bugs’ real-time chart as well as Vibe’s domestic trendy chart.

On March 18, “MANIAC” debuted at No. 25 on Spotify’s Global Top 200 chart, 61 spots higher than previous high of No. 86 established by “Thunderous.” Stray Kids is the 3rd K-pop team to graph with the title song and all of the album’s B-sides. The video clip for “MANIAC” has also received over 32 million views and has been trending at the top of YouTube for three days.

Stray Kids performed “MANIAC” on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” as component of the show’s “#LateShowMeMusic” series. The band is also preparing for a worldwide tour.

Stray Kids, bravo! To celebrate this huge achievement, let’s watch the MV again!


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