Rent-a-Girlfriend Character Teaser Out!

Rent-a-Girlfriend (彼女, お借りします / I’d like to Borrow a Girlfriend; Kanokari) is a romance comedy anime based on the mnaga of the same name. It has 1 season with 12 episodes that aired from July 11, 2020 to September 26, 2020.

The anime follows the story of Kazuya Kinoshita, a 20 years old university student who suddenly had a break up with his bright girlfriend Mami Nanami. This leaves him utterly heartbroken. To heal his aching soul, he decides to hire a girlfriend via an online app. Chizuru Mizuhara is his companion, and she ends up winning Kazuya’s adoration with her exquisite beauty as well as adorable demeanour.

However, upon starting to read about the other customers’ shared situations with Chizuru, Kazuya opines her bright smile and compassionate demeanour are all a ruse to play with his heart, and he rates her shoddily. Chizuru, enraged, slams him for his blatant hypocrisy, disclosing her real shapely as well as hot-tempered self. This one-sided interaction, nevertheless, is ended prematurely when Kazuya learns that his grandmother has passed away.

They rush to the hospice, where they discover Kazuya’s grandmother in decent condition. She is perplexed by Chizuru’s appearance and wonders just who the girl would be. On the spur of the moment, Kazuya proclaims that they have been lovers, obligating Chizuru to act the roles. However, with Kazuya still haunted by his previous relationship with Mami, how long can this tricky customer as well as unwilling rental girlfriend maintain their act?

The very first season of Rent-a-Girlfriend presented fans to four main leading ladies, each with their own individual personalities or hold, but the plot centred more with the first 3 than the the last additament, Sumi. She appeared near the end of the first season (after already being teased in the season’s opening and endings all throughout run), but she’ll take a bigger role in the upcoming episodes. To commemorate her come back in Season 2 (and, remarkably, the character’s birthday), Rent-a-Girlfriend has released a special teaser trailer as well as poster for Sumi Sakurasawa!


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