New GL Light novel to have a manga adaptation!

Girls Love “Shimekiri mae ni wa yuri ga hakadoru” (The Progress of Yuri is Especially Fast Before the Deadline) is a romance yuri Light Novel. It has two volumes. GA Bunko and Softbank Creative are the publishers of this LN.



“Why are games so fun when the deadline is near…?” Ayu Shirakawa is a runaway girl. With her cousin Miyako Shirakawa’s introduction, she started a job to take care of the popular author, Hikari Ebiwara. Although Ayu is being messed around since Hikari always drags her drafts to go play games, fishing, and go on trips. She still feels pretty blessed by a life like this. On the other hand, after suddenly starting living with Ayu, Hikari felt something unprecedented. A girl that can’t find a place in society, and a talented, beautiful, and wealthy author living her lazy and fallen life, how will their relationship develop…? To everyone who’s living in the world “normally”, a shiny slice-of-life Yuri rom-com is born!

Source: Novelupdtes

A manga adaption of the Light Novel is going to come. Vol 1 will release and it will be illustrated by Yomi Hirasaka, Sakida Saki and Suzuki Manatsu. The date and publication is yet to be disclosed. Are you excited about this? Stay tuned for more?


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