NCT Taeyong Makes a Very Heart Wrenching Admission and Request During the LIVE Broadcast!

NCT Taeyong has yet again conveyed his displeasure with Sasaengs [impulsive so-called fans].

Taeyong lately went live on Instagram to engage with NCTZENS, responding to questions and interacting with them. During the telecast, nevertheless, fans started to notice Taeyong gazing slightly downward at his muted mobile, he was now being hindered by sasaengs, and fans have seen how disappointed he had become as the live coverage progressed.

Afterward, Taeyong raised his head and started talking, explaining how he’s receiving phone calls and messages from various numbers as well as a US mobile number.

He spoke out in English to ensure that the sasaeng got the message, he made clear:

“Please, don’t call me. That’s so rude.

I’m really scared, so please don’t call me if you know my number. Please.”

Taeyong, NCT

Fans were moved to tears when they saw Taeyong’s expression as he said this about the predicament. NCT members have now been plagued by sasaengs, and the circumstance has deteriorated as their prominence has grown.

Source: PaNanna YouTube

What are your views about this?


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