JDrama Ore no Kawaii wa Mousugu Shohi release date announced+ teaser trailer!

Ore no Kawaii wa Mousugu Shohi (俺の可愛いはもうすぐ消費期限!?) is a Rom-Com Japanese Drama. Tanabe Shigenori will be the screen writer and Shinjo Takehiko will be the director of the drama.

The plot revolves around two people who fall in love for the first time later in life.

Maruya Kosuke, 29, works in the sales team for a beer manufacturer & stems from a wealthy family that owns a brewery. He has always been famous from when he was a child because of his handsomeness, and he’s always been the recipient of women’s displays of affection. He gets a nasty shock one day, regrettably, when he realises that his adorableness seems to have an expiry date.

Sanada Izumi works as a researcher in the very same business as Kosuke and always considers herself to be second to anyone because of a previous experience. How will love blossom between these two? It’s a question that will be answered once you watch the show!

The drama is set to have 10 episodes, each 30 minutes long. It’ll air every Saturday on TV Asahi from April 16, 2022 – June 18, 2022. Are you looking forward to this drama? You can check out it’s teaser below:


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