Blackpink Lisa Limited Edition Album ‘LALISA’ Pre-order Released

Lisa is the member of the biggest kpop group ‘Blackpink’ by YG Entertainment. Lalisa manoban is the thai rapper and main dancer of the group.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s first album “LALISA,” which was released on September 10, 2021. On February 14, “LALISA” sold 800,000 copies on Hanteo. There have been no other female solo albums to hit the mark in prior years, therefore Lisa’s “LALISA” is the first album by a female K-pop soloist in Hanteo history to sell 800,000 copies. 

BLACKPINK Lisa’s LALISA special limited edition has started sales for pre orders. Only 3,270 copies will be released for special limited edition.

This albums includes all the previous photocards and rhe whole collection with edition to this unreleased photocards will be available of her b-sides.



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