Seungmin From Stray Kids Has Been Diagnosed With Covid-19

Stray Kids is a popular South Korean Boyband currently consisting of 8 members Lee Know, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Changbin, Han, Seungmin, Felix, and I.N under JYP Entertainment. Woojin left the group due to personal circumstances and terminated his exclusive contract in October 2019. The group was formed by survival show ‘I AM’ series called by their now group name ‘STRAY KIDS’ by JYP Entertainment.

Seungmin from Stray Kids has diagnosed with Covid-19

On March 20, JYP Entertainment released the following statement:

Hello, this is JYPE.
We inform you that Stray Kids member Seungmin tested positive for COVID-19 on March 20th (Sun).
Seungmin has been quarantining as a preemptive measure after testing negative on a PCR test on March 19th (Sat), and he tested positive on the afternoon of March 20th (Sun) on an additional PCR test.
Seungmin has received his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and as he is currently not presenting any symptoms, he is quarantining in accordance with the guidelines of the disease prevention authorities.
The Stray Kids members have been staying in separated living spaces since the afternoon of March 18th (Fri). All members will continue to focus on personal hygiene and monitor their health.
As a result of the circumstances, the radio show appearances below that were scheduled for March 21st (Mon) – 22nd (Tue) have been fully cancelled.SBS POWER FM Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time – MBC FM4U Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope
Additionally, regarding the ‘VIDEO CALL & FANSIGN EVENT’ that was scheduled for March 26th (Sat),


We wish Seungmin a speedy recovery!


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