“Phantom of the Idol” Teaser PV out!

Phantom of the Idol (神クズ☆アイドル / Kami Kuzu Aidoru) is Hijiki Isoflavone’s japanese comedy manga. Since December 2017, it’s been serialised in Ichijinsha’s shoujo manga magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum, and it’s been gathered in five tankbon volumes. Kodansha USA has the North American rights to the manga. In 2022, an anime TV series adaptation is set to air.

The manga follows the story of a lazy Idol named Yuuya. He is a member of a pop Duo called ZINGS. However, he is the reincarnation of the sin of sloth. His partner is always doing his best, leading him to quite popular among the audience. However, Yuuya’s sloppy dance and hostile attitude has made the fans hate him. Now, his agent is looking for a way to remove him from the company. The leisure life that Yuuya was looking forward to after becoming an idol, was just a mirage.

After a lazy concert appreance, Yuuya meets a girl backstage. She’s decked up in a colorful outfit and is full of passion and rigor. She dreams of performing onstage. However, the only problem is: she’s dead. The one year old ghost is of Asahi Mogami who couldn’t achieve her dream. However, if ghosts exist, is it to much to think that possession is a possibility as well?

The official Twitter handle of the anime shared a promotional video of the anime. The anime is scheduled to premiere in Summer 2022. Studio Gokumi will be animating this manga. Are you excited about this anime? Stay tuned for more!

Source: Kami Kuzu Aidoru Official Website


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