New Manga Upcoming About A Alien Who Wants To Find Love

“Kawaii sekai seifuku” is a new upcoming comedy series about a cute alien who wants to know what love by Aki Arata will start in the upcoming Comic Gene issue 5/2022 out April 15, 2022.


In this comic gene, an alien named NK-22 is a moon angel. Moon angels are those creatures who are hidden on the dark side of the moon. In their daily life moon angels are given missions. But because of her failing mission given to her, NK-22 has been ordered to descend to the Earth and experience to be loved.

Stay tuned for this new kawaii alien story!



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Hello everyone. I aspire to be a writer and a translator. Restricting myself to a genre is not my niche. I try to explore as much as I can. You can check out my articles and blogs! Have a great day~

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