KinnPorsche trends on #4 worldwide!

KinnPorsche is a Thai BL drama set to premiere on the 2nd of April, 2022. It will air every Saturday on GMM One and iQiyi. It portrays the story of Kinn Anakinn, the second son of the Mafia, and his encounter with Porsche Pitchaya, a young student.

KinnPorsche is trending worldwide! Yes, my dear fujoshis. The official teaser of the MV changed their thumbnail.

The official trailer has reached 3 million views. KinnPorsche is also trending on #1 in Thailand and #4 worldwide! This is a huge achievement for a BL. Trending and especially in Top 10. Fans are ecstatic with this achievement!

Nobody knows patience better than the fans waiting for this series!! Finally

Pragya Tripathi, YouTube

2.8 million views in 4 days that’s WILD. the world is waiting for this BL I’M SO F**KING EXCITED, the story and their characters are different than any BL I watched

A, YouTube

I’m honestly so amazed by this, it’s unlike any other BL so far and it’s awesome to see something so new and different! It’s so great that even after so much struggle they were still able to create such a masterpiece

Kyanthinar, YouTube

this trailer portrays them much better, with the first one i thought they were gonna be a cheesy underground love story but this? THIS WILL BE EVERYTHING

AtlaxX Edits, YouTube

Are you guys excited about this series? Stay tuned for more!

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