Stray Kids Hyunjin Turns 22; Happy Birthday Hyunjin

Happy Birthday To Stray Kids’ Hyunjin
Stray Kids is a popular South Korean Boyband currently consisting of 8 members Lee Know, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Changbin, Han, Seungmin, Felix, and I.N under JYP Entertainment. Woojin left the group due to personal circumstances and terminated his exclusive contract in October 2019. The group was formed by survival show ‘I AM’ series called by their now group name ‘STRAY KIDS’ by JYP Entertainment. Hyunjin was born on March 20 in Seoul, South Korea. He grew up with a pet dog and occasionally visited Las Vegas, where he went by the name Sam. JYP Entertainment spotted him as he was shopping with his mother to become a trainee.

Hello, this is Hyunjin!
It’s so amazing that its already my birthday. I heard that people have been celebrating a birthday from near and far. Thanks to all of you, I think my spring is maintaining its warmth. I always thought my birthday wasn’t that important but when I see that it’s a day that is celebrated so much, I feel that I’m living well. Thank you so so much for loving maniac and let’s make lots of memories in the future.
I love you.

Hyunjin has written a cute letter for STAYs all over the world

STAYs all over the world have prepared birthday events for Hyunjinie

There are billboards, posters, and ads all over Seoul for Hyunjin.

There is a birthday event prepared for him in a flower shop. People can choose whichever flowers they want.

In another Hyunjin birthday event, they are giving purple tulips, Hyunjin’s birth flower
Now let us see how the Stray Kids members are wishing Hyunjin


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