Big Bang Is Back With A Comeback After 4 Years Of Hiatus+ Group Trends Worldwide!

Bigbang is a well-known and popular group under YG Entertainment currently consisting of 4 members G.D, Taeyang, Top, and Daesung. Seungri left the group due to his involvement in the burning sun scandal.

April 5th is declared as the official Comeback date of Bigbang. They also dropped the first teaser image of the long awaited comeback. The header of the official YouTube channel of Big Bang was changed to their new album cover.

Fans are delighted all over the world. We can feel the buzz that is going around because of the very fact that BIGBANG is trending all around the globe! “BIGBANG” is trending at #1 on Melon search. BIGBANG trending on Weibo as well. The news article regarding their comeback was read 15 million times in mere 40 minutes! It’s trending real-time on Genie as well.

Source: Big Bang YouTube

BIGBANG is trending on all music platforms search chart in South Korea!

#1 Melon (=)
#3 Genie πŸ†•
#5 Bugs πŸ†•
#9 Flo πŸ†•

We are so excited for the return of the KINGS OF KPOP! Are you excited? Comment down below!

Source: YG Family Twitter

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