BTS V Talks About His Upcoming Mixtape

This isn’t a drill! Nobody can remain cool now that KTH1 is officially on its way. BTS’ V went on Weverse on March 16th, confirming that his mixtape will be released this year. Yes, this year specifically. After years of waiting and anticipation, we now have tangible evidence that Taehyung’s long-awaited mixtape is closer than we believe.

Don’t we all like it when V comes online to talk to ARMY? During one of these Weverse sessions, he answered a fan’s scorching question concerning his mixtape. The ARMY, echoing all of our sentiments, inquired.

“Taehyungie, when is the mixtape coming out?”

And, as it turns out, it will arrive this year.

“I’ll release it this year,

Taehyung said, making the internet ecstatic:

But that wasn’t the end of it. The Winter Bear of BTS wasn’t about to drop a bomb and run to his bed. Nope, he went on to release another, although this one may not sit well with many ARMY.

Remember how we got a little glimpse of Travel with me in V’s Instagram tales from Hawaii? That will not be included in his mixtape. Not only that, but any unreleased songs he ever releases will not be included on his mixtape. While V has previously stated that he does not spoil songs that are soon to be released, we were still expecting a studio version of his soulful melodies.

To make matters worse, the artist not only decided not to include the tracks, but also wiped the whole music collection.

“The music I’ve uploaded will not be included. I posted them and then erased the music files “was his response to an ARMY member who requested that he include Travel With Me on the mixtape.

But, in the kindest way imaginable, he also apologized for the delay, given that millions of people were eagerly anticipating the album’s release. 

Nonetheless, we are confident that KTH1 will be a big success!


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