Furare Girl now has 1.2 million copies in circulation!

Furare Girl (フラレガール) by Tsutsumi Kakeru is a shoujo romance manga. It’s publication started on the 5th of March, 2018. It was serialized under Hana to Yume.

It follows the story of the stunning beauty and intense sexually appealing Hibiki Akasaka who is suffering from post-breakup blues. Pretty shortly after already being dumped, she is urged into becoming Aoyama-kun’s mistress? Aoyama-kun would therefore attempt various methods to win Hibiki’s adoration; let’s just keep hoping he doesn’t nosebleed to death throughout the procedure.

This manga’s main theme is romantic comedy, and it does it really well and realistically. Too often, a romance story ends with the confession or even the first kiss, not this time. All this occur relatively rapidly, as well as the storyline concentrates about how their connection as couples progresses rather than how they met. What an inviting refreshing change! Romantic series commonly used to describe couples finding it hard to kiss each time, however the characters in this sequence kiss every opportunity they get, which is quite believable for a highschooler.

Furare Girl now has 1.2 million copies in circulation including digital for vols 1 – 11. Congratulations to the mangaka and the publication team!


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