DONGKIZ Changes Group Name Announces Wondae’s Departure And Addition Of New Members

DONGKIZ, renamed as DKZ is a K-pop boy group that has experienced significant modifications in terms of both group name and members. Dongyo Entertainment, the group’s agency, revealed on Fancafe that the group would henceforth be known as DKZ. 

The five-member group formally debuted in the year 2019, but rose to prominence after the BL K-drama Semantic Error, starring member Jaechan, became a hit.

 Munik will take a break from the group, and three new members will be added. Wondae, another member, has left the group owing to health issues. Given that the public was just starting to know the group, massive alterations have resulted in a lot more chatter about them. Some may believe that the name DKZ denotes the arrival of a new boy band. Given the numerous changes DONGKIZ has endured, it very well maybe. Dongyo Entertainment told fans on March 18 that the group has renamed after releasing a new logo animation clip. Wondae’s injuries will need “continuous therapy” in the future, according to the doctor’s advice. The member opted to leave the group after several conversations. 

Meanwhile, Munik has opted to take a break and will not be a part of the group’s forthcoming album comeback. The agency kept an eye on the idol’s health as he showed his commitment to participate. Both the idol and the agency concluded that Munik’s health should be prioritised. 

Moreover, the agency announced the addition of three new members to the group. With the departure of Wondae, the group now consists of four members: Kyoungyoon, Jaechan, Jonghyeong, and Munik. The agency also expressed a desire for fans to support the new group as a whole and offer them the same level of affection. 

They said:

 “DONGKIZ and DKZ are not different groups, but instead please think of the two as one team that connects the memories of the past, the present, and the future, and please send them your support and love.”


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