Kep1er Opening For Seoul Fashion Week 2022

Kep1er is a popular South Korean girl group formed as part of the Mnet’s reality survival show Girls Planet 999 in 2021. Kim Chaehyun, Huening Bahiyyih, Choi Yujin, Kim Dayeon, Seo Youngeun, Kang Yeseo, Hikaru Ezaki, Mashiro Sakamoto, and Shen Xiaoting qre the 9 members of the group

Swing Entertainment and Wake One Entertainment manage the group. On January 3, 2022, Kep1er made their official debut with their EP, First Impact. Rookie girl group Kep1er opened the ‘2022 Seoul Fashion Week,’ providing an eye-catching stage to “WA DA DA” and “MVSK.”

From March 18 to 23, the ‘2022 Seoul Fashion Week’ will take place for six days, featuring new collection showcases by South Korea’s most renowned fashion designers, as well as daring pieces by the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs. The girls of Kep1er also wore key pieces from the ‘2022 fall/winter HAN Collection’ for their opening stage.

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