Kamisama no Ekohiiki live-action premiers tomorrow; Are you excited about this?

Kamisama no Ekohiiki is a japanese romance shoujo gender bender manga. It is illustrated by Komura Ayumi. It has 27 chapters and follows the story of a boy named Yashiro.

Yashiro, a high school student, spends 100 days in an isolated shrine to develop the courage to proclaim his feelings to his crush. This attracts the housed deity’s interest, as well as that of his fox companion Ukon, who join Yashiro upon that 100th day just to observe how well the confession goes. Both are astonished, nevertheless, to witness him confess to a boy, Yashiro’s lifelong friend Kenta, and then have Kenta reject him. Despite being devastated, Yashiro continues to make light of Kenta’s situation, but he is killed instantly when a truck collides with him.

Yashiro recovers with theĀ audience of the shrine’s deity and Ukon, and the deity resolves to reinstate him back as a gesture of thanks, giving him a shot at redemption with Kenta. The god fulfills his desire to be reincarnated as a high school girl so grants her the pseudonym Kagura Tendou as a result. She quickly learns, although, that now the deity and Ukon want to keep an eye on her connection with Kenta, even though she is the only one that can see and hear them.

The live-action adaptation of this manga has been creating some buzz among jdrama and movies fans. Though the manga handles the concept of sexuality in a very sensitive manner, it is none-the-less a read enjoyed by its fans. The live-action will release tomorrow: Are you all excited about this? Stay tuned for more!


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