Bokura no Yoake to get an Anime movie adaptation!

Bokura no Yoake (ぼくらのよあけ/ Break of Dawn) is a dramatic science fiction anime written by Imai Tetsuya (Author of Alice to Zouroku). The manga has two volumes, consisting of ten chapters altogether. It was published on January 25, 2011 and went up to October 25, 2011.

It follows the story of Sawatari Yuuma who is an elementary school kid. Yuuma is fascinated by cosmos and astrophysics. After his family gave a robot named Nanako to him, he felt ecstatic at first, but he has been disillusioned once he discovered that she was essentially just a monotonous housekeeping bot. After he eventually starts to talk to her about space, though, something unexpected occurs. Her computer system goes down, and she is seized over by a stranded extraterrestrial ship! The alien ship needs Yuuma’s assistance to return to space! Thus begins his journey in helping those aliens.

Bokura no Yoake is getting an anime movie adaptation. The film is scheduled for Fall 2022 in Japan. Are you excited about this? Stay tuned for more!

Yuuma is seen awaiting someone from interstellar space on the roof of his Asagayakita apartment complex in the teaser video.

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