“The Executioner and Her Way of Life” Light Novel 300 000 copies in circulation!

“The Executioner and Her Way of Life” (Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road) is a Japanese Yuri light novel series written by Mato Sato and is illustrated by Nilitsu. It is scheduled to receive its anime adaptation that will air in Fall 2022. SB Creative’s GA Bunko imprint has published six volumes as of July 2019. Yen Press has licenced the light novel throughout North America.

The plot of the light novel is:

The Lost Ones were indeed vagabonds from a faraway land recognised as “Japan.” Nobody understands why or just how they left their homes. The one and only certainty would be that they carry chaos and catastrophe. Menou, a young Executioner, is tasked with annihilating them without guilt. Once she meets Akari, it appears to be yet another job…until she learns that killing this girl is unimaginable! But when Menou decides to seek a way to subdue this everlasting life, Akari is much more than willing to accompany her! So commences an adventure that will everlastingly alter Menou!

Light Novel series “The Executioner and Her Way of Life” by Satou Mato, Nilitsu, Mitsuya Ryou has set a new record and has 300 000 copies in circulation for LN & Manga! This is such a great news for fans and well as otakus who are awaiting the anime adaptation!

Congratulations dear mangakas and writers!


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