“Restart! 34-sai Game Director no tsuyokute New Game” will end after 3 more chapters!

“Restart! 34-sai Game Director no tsuyokute New Game” is a seinen science fiction manga written by Sakakibara Rem. Other works of Sakakibara Rem include Fluidrat and Monster Kinematograph.

It has been declared that Restart will be ending in 3 chapters in Morning Two magazine. The official synopsis of the manga is not declared. Based on the name and the cover image of the manga, we can assume that it is about a 34-year-old man who has gotten a chance to restart his life (unreliable synopsis)

We eagerly wait for official translations to release so that we can enjoy this unique manga as well. What are your views on it? Are you intrigued by the title? Does it pique your interest and make you want to read it? Comment down your views!


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