Monsta X’s Kihyun Proves Why He Is The “God Of Kpop”.

MONSTA X’s sunshine as well as lead singer, in particular, adorned the online stage with a live debut show that demonstrated why he was referred to as the “god of K-pop.”

Kihyun makes his live debut as a solo artist with his solo album VOYAGER, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Kihyun took part in Naver now’s #OUTNOW on March 15, just a few hours after his debut solitary album’s release, and also connected with international MONBEBE.

Kihyun greeted fans with joy and offered behind-the-scenes stories from the creation of the tracks as well as the filming of the title track video. The amazing vocalist also sang his songs live, astonishing every fan.

Kihyun finally fulfills every MONBEBE’s desire for a solo album after 7 years as the lead singer of MONSTA X. It’s also a gift from God, as the great musician presents his work of art in every sense of the word. Throughout his live performance, Kihyun stated how convinced he was as soon as he heard the demo for the title song, “VOYAGER.” Kihyun felt it was a fantastic song that would allow him to exhibit his abilities.

He also revealed how he became engaged in creating the verses for “COMMA” and stated that he was determined to make the album as great as possible. Kihyun stated that he worked very hard on the second track and also finished it with the help and also the support of Sibling Su as well as his favored MONSTA X members.


When Kihyun released the very first live efficiencies of his breakthrough single “VOYAGER” as well as the avert “Rainfall” on Naver NOW’s #OUTNOW, the whole fans went insane. As he clutched onto a standing microphone, he transformed into a rock singer, exhibiting his fashionable live performance without guilt.

Simultaneously, Kihyun released his solo debut solitary album VOYAGER on March 15 at 6:00 PM KST. After successfully completing his initial live performance, the vocalist prepares to begin his future jobs with song reveal efficiencies as well as numerous other components.


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