Haechan From NCT Opens Instagram Account

Lee Dong-hyuck, better known by his stage name Haechan, is a South Korean singer and dancer born on June 6, 2000, in Seoul. He is the lead vocalist and dancer for NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT U.

Even though NCT, NCT 127, and NCT DREAM all have official group profiles on Instagram, Haechan is the latest member of the group to start a new individual account of his own.

When NCTZENs tried to message the idol to welcome him to Instagram, they were met with a message stating that Haechan had chosen not to receive messages. Instead, he chose to only receive message requests from specified accounts. While some may have been disappointed by the revelation, NCTZENs applauded him for it.

They applauded Haechan not just for discovering the option as a new user, but also for securing himself and his peace of mind.

Everyone is now looking forward to seeing all of the entertaining stuff that Haechan will be providing. Who doesn’t need their Full Sun daily?

Haechan began his new account by sharing teaser photographs for NCT DREAM’s forthcoming comeback with their second studio album “Glitch Mode.” “Hi,” he wrote in the caption.

Haechan’s Instagram Handle

Soon after, Doyoung expressed his admiration for Haechan’s new account in the comments section, writing, “Hae-stagram.” He also announced on Bubble, “Haechan established an Instagram account, hahaha.”


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