Fire Force has achieved 18 million copies in circulation worldwide+ final volume announcement!

Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai) by Atsushi Ohkubo has set a personal record and now has 18 million copies in circulation worldwide. It is an adventure, dark fantasy science fiction manga. With its unique plot and characters, it has managed to grasp the attention of the manga and Otaku community.

The synopsis of the manga/anime is:

Spontaneous Human Combustion: a turbulent occurrence which has exacerbated the problem for decades, morphing common citizens into fiery, violent lifeforms recognised as Infernals at unexpected times. While infernals compensate for the first era of Human Combustion, the second and third generations were becoming recognised as pyrokinetics—people endowed with the power to alter and govern their flames whilst also staying human. The Tokyo Armed Forces, Fire Defense Agency, and Holy Church of Sol created the Special Fire Force to counteract the Infernal danger and explore the origin.

Shinra Kusakabe, a youthful and energetic third-generation pyrokinetic dubbed Devil’s Footprints for his combustible potential to ignite his feet voluntarily, joins the vivid Special Fire Force Company 8. Shinra is resolute to become a role model who can save the livelihoods of all those impacted by the flame fear and panic by preserving the brigade’s obligation to obliterate the scorching Infernals as well as put their consciences to rest.

This, nevertheless, is not really the hero’s match Shinra had envisioned. The Fire Force is a muddled mess of clashing regiments, peculiar Infernal spottings are rising throughout Tokyo, and a secret society claims to also have explanations to the peculiar explosion that killed Shinra’s household 12 years ago. Shinra combats to unravel the mystery behind the combustion riddles which have managed to keep him in the dark, despite many hurdles both within and outside the Fire Force.

Source: MAL
Source: Crunchyroll

The final volume of Enen no Shouboutai, that is Vol. 34 will be out in May 2022. The English release of the manga will be handled by KadanshaUSA. Congratulations to Fire Force! We can’t wait for the final volume of this amazing series. Comment down your views!


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