NCT Chenle’s Ankle Injury Will Be Affecting His Activities

NCT Is a K-pop boy group under SM Entertainment. NCT has many subgroups and one of them is NCT Dream. It consists of Jaemin, Jisung, Mark, Jeno, Renjun, Haechan, and Chenle.

NCT Dream is having a comeback with a new album called ‘Glitch Mode’ on 28 March 2022. Their title song ‘Buffering’ will be uploaded on Youtube on the same date. While preparing for their comeback, unfortunately, Chenle suffered from an ankle injury which will be affecting his activities for this album

“Chenle recently injured his left ankle while preparing for NCT DREAM’s second full-length album and is undergoing treatment for it. As the artist’s health is the top priority, we hoped Chenle would focus on recovering from his injury, but he expressed his desire to be part of the album activities and see the fans, so we have decided that he will participate in the schedule within reasonable bounds.”

“However, we ask for your understanding that it will be difficult [for Chenle] to perform choreography with rigorous movements. We will do our best for his treatment and recovery so that he can return in good health as soon as possible.”


We hope he has a speedy recovery and NCTZENS can enjoy his performance very soon. Get well soon Chenle!


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