Chainsaw Man Manga Artist to create a new manga?!

Chainsaw man is a manga that has snatched the hearts of all its readers. The manga follows the story of a teen named Denji who wants to fulfill his dream: to live a happy and peaceful life while spending his days with his lover. However, his wish is destroyed when a yakuza forces him to kill devils to pay off his debt. He is willing to do anything for money, wielding his pet demon Pochita as a weapon. Denji will cease at nothing to realize his basic youthful ambitions now that he can battle even the most formidable foes.

Chainsaw Man has been in the limelight since its anime was promised. Now, to add a cherry on the top, the Mangaka of Chainsawman: Fujimoto Tatsuki has now revealed that he is working on a new manga.

The theme of his new manga is “Femme Fatale”. He further elaborated on how he has always liked the idea of a badass woman destroying everything along her way. The manga is far from finished, as he still has a lot left to draw. The name, synopsis, and date of release are yet to be disclosed.

We can’t wait to see what is in store for us. Till then, you all can enjoy the anime trailer of Chainsaw Man!


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