Bigbang Done With The Shooting Of Their New Music Video

Bigbang is a well-known and popular group under YG Entertainment currently consisting of 4 members G.D, Taeyang, Top, and Daesung. Seungri left the group due to his involvement in the burning sun scandal.

Earlier today, the boyband’s label, YG Entertainment, was revealed to South Korean media site SPOTV News in a statement that all four members of the group had recently completed shooting their music video for their much-awaited comeback.

“Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Daesung just finished filming the music video for their new song,” YG Entertainment said. “Big Bang’s return preparations are going smoothly. We will notify you of the release date as well as more information about the new song as soon as possible.” YG Entertainment announced last month to South Korean media sources that the group of four will release new songs later this year. 

Big Bang’s new project will be their first release in four years, following their 2018 single ‘Flower Road.’ In that same announcement, YG Entertainment also stated that member T.O.P had departed the agency, where he had worked for the previous 16 years. Despite the expiration of the rapper’s contract with the company, YG Entertainment affirmed that he would remain a member of Big Bang and will be featured in the group’s future release. 

T.O.P has since intimated that Big Bang’s long-awaited comeback may be the only release involving him for the foreseeable future.

“I was starting to believe in the previous few years that maybe this was the end, and maybe there won’t be T.O.P of Big Bang for a time,” he recently stated. 

Following the departure of ex-member Seungri, Big Bang’s forthcoming album will also be their first as a group of four. Due to his connection in the Burning Sun incident, the former K-pop idol departed the group and the entertainment business in 2019. Seungri’s jail term was lowered earlier this year from three years to 18 months after pleading guilty to all charges leveled against him. Prior to his trial on January 27, the singer had flatly denied all charges and his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal in all previous hearings.


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