BTS Kim Taehyung Give A Ring To Jungkook?

BTS returned to the stage on Saturday evening for Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul Day 2 and gave ARMYs a night to remember. The group sang several of their hit songs as the rain just added to their good mood. But there was one incident that amazed the ARMYs: V giving a ring to fellow BTS member Jungkook in the middle of a concert.

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook performed their popular 2020 song Life Goes On. Kim Taehyung saw a ring on the floor while Jin sang his segment of the song. V took it and handed it to Jungkook. Taekook fans were going crazy at the scene. Several ARMYs turned to Twitter to express their excitement about the interaction. Many others compared the incident to a scene from a K-drama, claiming that Taehyung is raising their expectations too high. 

“Why would I settle for less when Taehyung gave Jungkook a ring in front of his parents and front of thousands of ARMYs,” wrote many fans, pointing out that TaeTae’s parents were in the crowd watching the moment with fans. “Okay now that’s the concert is done let’s properly talk about Taehyung taking off a ring from his finger to give it to Jungkook in front of millions of ARMYs and their parents.. taekook taekook taekook please explain,” another fan tweeted.

A fan also confessed they needed time to process not only the ring offering but also Jungkook giving Taehyung a piggyback ride during the performance and just the fact that Taekook were having a ball. “Today’s TAEKOOK was something else. Taehyung gave his ring to Jungkook in front of his parents, they sang STAY together. Then they were inseparable during the ride and lastly which blew our mind is piggyback that Jungkook gave to Taehyung. I need to process all of these,” the fan tweeted.

Hope we get to see more TAEKOOK interactions like this. We will see BTS performing soon in Las Vegas for their Permission To Dance- On Stage on April 8th and 9th and on April 15th and April 16th of 2022.


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